Joy Hsu
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Hi, I'm Joy Hsu

Iā€™m a graphic designer based in NYC. My work includes visual identity design, digital marketing design, and editorial design.

A little about me: Iā€™m a self-proclaimed dessert connoisseur. I color coordinate the apps on my phone in rainbow order. Oh, and for some reason, Iā€™m obsessed with miniature toy versions of random things.

A little about my work: My designs predominantly adopt a minimalist style; with an emphasis on using small details to highlight the concepts fueling my work. Elements of playfulness and humor are central themes that reflect my attitude and approach towards creating design.

Instagram: @design_n_joy
LinkedIn: click me joy hsu
Illustration Portfolio: click me too!
Resume: click me to view

{Brand} Brand re-fresh of local independent movie theater in nyc.

{Brand} Designing social media assets for a startup beauty brand.

{Website} A perculiar fragrance experience condensed into an imitation e-commerce website. Click above to give it a try yourself!

{Motion} This is a collection of 3 motion graphics that each present a different concept and theme. Click my hand above to learn more :)

{Illustration} A passion project where I play around with designing album covers of my favorite bands and songs. Click the album cover above to look at them all.

{Animation} Short animation depicting a trippy commuting experience. Click on the black blob of goo to watch.

{Print/Web/Social Media} Periodical aimed at college students without a campus. Click logo to learn more.

{Website} Coded this website from scratch using html, css, and good ol' javascript! If you have time, take a look at it on desktop view as well :)

{Print/Motion} A personal project which documents every single action and thought I have in one day

{Print} A zine exploring the dichotomy of minimalism and maximalism! Click on the cover page above to look through it.