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motion graphics

Below is a collection of short motion graphics I created, each with different themes and purposes. These videos all explore ways to visualize abstract or non-physical presences.

"Daydream" is a video about how creativity is often born out of boredom. Personally, when I find myself doing mundane day-to-day tasks, I often catch myself daydreaming and coming up with ideas for creative and personal projects. Using a cmbination of digital footage and stop-motion animation, I wanted to create a juxtaposing reality that induces a sense of wonder.

"Outfit Visualizer" as the name suggests, is a video walkthrough of what a fictional outfit-picking interface would look like. I wanted the video to mirror the aesthetics of paper cutout dolls and old school dress-up computer games. By adding the snarky comments throughout, I wanted to inject this interface with a bit of personality and sass to make it feel personalized and even helpful. I really enjoyed making this video!

"Pacer Test" is my visual interpretation of the pacer test created solely with found gifs.
Applications Used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop